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If you are interested in mobile marketing only, we provide the following services which you can order in any combination.
Mobile_Coupons, Mobile_Keywords, Mobile_Voting, Mobile_eCard, Text-to-Screen, Text_Appointment_Reminder
  • Mobile Coupons

A mobile coupon is a great way to combine the power of electronic coupons and the convenience of mobile phones.  With easy coupon management, you can create unique promotion codes for each individual text mobile coupon, redeem each coupon with web-based software and track redemption rates and revenues earned.

  • Mobile Keywords to a Short Code (SMS Marketing)

A mobile keyword is a one-word phrase that identifies a product, service, action or business. When people text a mobile keyword to a pre-set 4,5 or 6-digit short code number (e.g. 69302 or 99000), they receive additional information from you and can join your mobile distribution list.

Unlike traditional email subscriptions, mobile keyword subscriptions are controlled by the end users. People can subscribe and unsubscribe on an opt-in basis. This level of control and the new emerging mobile culture have brought keyword marketing to impact levels far exceeding direct mail, email marketing, and other traditional marketing channels, resulting in as much as >90% read rate and >25% response rate.

  • Mobile Voting

Our Mobile Voting Service allows you to ask a multiple choice question with up to 10 answer choices. All people need to do to participate in the mobile vote is to text your Mobile Keyword to a short code (e.g. 69302 or 99000). They will then receive a text message back (customizable) with the choices they can vote for. They simply reply with the number tied to their choice, and that's it!  As people vote via text messaging, the votes are categorized and automatically tallied so that it's easy to see a running total and analyze the results.

We will record the votes and reply messages, and the mobile numbers to ensure that each mobile phone can only vote one time keeping things fair and simple.  Moreover, the mobile vote is captured in your personal database so that you can text the voters in future polls.

Here are some voting ideas, but the possibilities are endless!

  • A musician, band, or radio station that wants people to vote for their favorite song 
  • A retail store that wants to ask its customers which brands they prefer
  • A sports league or team that wants to ask their fans to vote for their favorite player or game MVP
  • A restaurant owner who wants to ask customers what new dish they would like to see in the menu
  • Mobile eCard

Our text messaging platform enables you to be creative and design your own custom Mobile eCards. Upload any image, insert your own text, and send to any mobile phone via MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). It's incredibly easy, personal, and sure to grab everyone’s attention!

You can text all of the phone numbers in your account with our built-in bulk text tool and send thousands of picture text messages (MMS) with a single click - perfect for sales flyers, seasonal cards, and even business cards! You can also schedule these Mobile eCards ahead of time so you don’t miss a thing!
  • Text-to-Screen

Our text messaging platform enables your audience to text a mobile keyword followed by a message to a designated short code (e.g. 69302) which then can be projected onto a large screen at your venue in real time.  This service is great at Clubs & Bars, Sporting Events, and Conferences & Conventions in terms of building crowd participation and interaction from your audience. 


Our platform also enables you to filter messages, specific words, and block flagged phone numbers. It also allows you to store the mobile phone number of every user to a data base with the built-in bulk SMS (Short Message Service) feature and to send text message promotions, event notifications, coupons to your customers.

  • Text Appointment Reminder

If your service or business depends on appointments or reservations, we can help you manage them!

Unlike annoying automated phone calling systems, Mobile Text Reminder is a non-intrusive way of saying you care and an automated way of increasing your revenue. Customers can also have a convenience of adding it to their calendar directly from your text message. Mobile Text Reminder is the most effective and least expensive way to keep your business or service at full capacity. It's time to let your staff focus on something more important than making repetitive reminder phone calls and give your clients a convenient & non-intrusive reminder.

Send a quick and effective Mobile Text reminder for...


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